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Why are my fingers so weak? Why does my mouth feel so dry?”

“I know, it’s just that I’m allergic to a few things. I have to protect my mouth and throat from bacteria and fungi.”
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“Bacteria! You sound like the teacher here when we talk about how to protect your mouth from germs”

“Yuu, you’re the one who says that we should wash our hands with soap after every use. Isn’t that more of a precaution then anything else? Well, it isn’t just a question of hygiene. It’s not something I can do because of my age either.”

“Well then, what, what are you going to use to protect my throat?”

“What! Don’t tell me we haven’t washed our hands with soap and water before?”

Aoba has come to school late, yet without her glasses on, looking like a person born without them.

That’s the impression I get. I’m sure she’s a really good, cute, innocent thing, but she sounds more like someone who has been abused than someone who is a good person in general.

“Yeah that’s right, our teacher and the professor are so harsh on us. Our clothes and the music, they’re all so expensive. Isn’t that because they’ve bought it from us?”

“That’s impossible! It can’t be so expensive. Why would you think that our music can’t be this good?”

“It just keeps getting better. Just how did this happen?!”

I don’t like to keep such a negative impression of the school, but it seems like someone has to be held accountable.

At first, I thought that Aoba was making excuses, but she doesn’t even have a reason for having such an argument with us, I don’t know how these people can live their lives this way.

“I can’t understand it either. That girl seems like she can’t sleep because she has such a gloomy atmosphere surrounding her. I see, I guess it’s that kind of person.”

“If that’s the case, I must have the wrong idea about you. Even I can’t stand that kind of atmosphere.”

I feel like this guy is totally wrong about me. This is a different world that the academy does not accept that kind of attitude.

Aoba had become the first girl to enter the prestigious high school of a famous school, her classmates were

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