What is the easiest instrument to teach yourself? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three Magnetismo

It can be very, very easy to begin teaching yourself guitar, but it’s very hard to keep it up. If you keep it up, it turns into a real skill! In my own life, I started playing guitar at the age of five and have been playing guitar ever since! It’s amazing. So I have a lot of experience with that. I’ve learned from tons of guitar teachers too. So if you want a really specific instrument, it’s really, really easy to learn how to play that instrument. And in fact, it’s probably the easy one, because you’re never afraid of learning something new or playing someone else’s music.

For example, one of my favorite songwriters is Jack White of The White Stripes! He’s written some of the most incredible songs ever. You never have to be afraid of anything. You go in to this studio and you write, you practice. You perform it. You’re right there. You’re the one doing all the work. He’s very humble about the experience. He says, “No one is going to care what our guitar sounds like.” The best musician ever has a guitar that looks like everything else. He has a guitar that looks like a guitar. No one is going to care. That’s what he’s built this sound thing on; his guitar is all this stuff on it. You’re right there, so there’s no confusion. So I can get through music that I don’t know where the notes are. People think I sound great when I’m playing my guitar! This is one thing you’re not going to get if you’re listening to other people. You gotta listen to the instrument, you gotta listen to the musicians, and you gotta study to get your technique down to where it’s so comfortable that you can go and play anything you want on it, whether it is blues or rock or pop. You’ll have people with their fingers everywhere. You can’t sit in front of that.

[The band’s first ever gig] was this very small little studio in a basement in West Hollywood. There’s always people in that studio. They play some cool guitar, and we go in and listen to what they’re playing. So it’s a very small studio. I didn’t know people had to stand. And there were all these people there. We were getting ready to play the first song of that night and I asked a guy, “Who’s this guy?” He said, “I worked with him a little while ago

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