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Not if the seller is a scammer. For instance, here’s a recent posting that might give you some pause:

Hello All,

I am a new buyer of a nice violins and am looking to do a fair price. I had the violins appraised by my local violin expert here in the US and they are listed at £40,000 each (US $57,000 US, and about £22,000). It is my understanding that there are no auctions in the UK at the moment but we are having problems with a buyer in the UK. They have been sending us threatening emails and threatening Facebook messages that they are going to take the violins back. My understanding is that they are in the process of cancelling this order. My main question is, can I come to you if I happen to have an offer of £50,000, am I getting a bargain?

I would appreciate any help you can give.


Dave and Jane

This seller is a con artist, selling a large amount of fake guitars, with the proceeds going to pay her and her friends. It’s unclear why the sellers keep selling them, but they have an extensive collection. She is also selling a large number of other counterfeit, vintage, or “fakes” from an “unknown” owner.

What is the best way to avoid a scam?

Buying a legitimate violin or viola with trust in someone can save you from going through what we call “sue and replace” (S&R) with a fraudulent or fake violin, viola or instrument. Buying a legitimate instrument or violin from a good dealer is a smart move for several reasons. Buying in good condition or with a good manufacturer in good condition is a much safer bet when dealing with a scammer. If you have already spent money on a real-deal violin from a reputable maker, with clear and easy-to-follow instruction about how to care for it, your family is much more likely to agree to take responsibility for the instrument and avoid the costly situation of going to an auction.

What should a violin or viola do for you?

Always do your research before buying a violin or viola. Do your homework! Make sure there is no history of fraud, misrepresentations, or problems with a legitimate business. You can tell if your purchases have been fraudulently sold or returned, because it will be reported. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn

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