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In the 1970’s, I was lucky enough to get my first, cheap violin. It was a good, cheap violin, with the same tone as a Gibson Violin 100. The sound was warm, full, and full of soul. I had to get a better wood back in the 60’s… and that is what I am still using today. It has the same sweet, clear tone as my Gibson, and I am using the same strings with the same tuning (7/4).

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Do you have any advice for people looking to buy a violin?

Don’t buy a cheap violin – go to a good one. I got my first violin 20 years ago, because my brother had it. I bought this one. If you can afford it, go to a good one and learn a whole lot of stuff!

Does playing a violin change your personality?

You can be the cool kid that talks to you while playing… But I don’t think so. You know, I can make a good living on playing something, but I’ll never be one of them. There are a lot of good violinists out there, and to them, I say thanks! Thanks for giving me the gift of playing music, and for being so great at it.

Are you worried about playing too much?

No! I just play what I like to, just because I love it. I am not worrying about whether I can keep up.

What can you do to prepare for playing your first violin?

Take a lot of lessons. You can learn more about violin playing by seeing how the students play, than by listening to what you hear. In order to be a good piano player, you need to learn about the whole instrument – the bow, the sounds, fingering, tuning, practicing what you hear on the radio, and so on.

Can you play an instrument that is not your own?

Absolutely. Just play what you like, whatever music you like.

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