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How does a student make it to a practice session?

A: The hardest instrument to play, in my opinion, is the guitar, because this instrument is so powerful, but also extremely difficult to learn. When I was teaching, I would often say that the guitar was the hardest instrument to learn, and so when I started practicing, I would try to master the guitar very, very quickly. That is why I thought it was important to develop a good technique as quickly as possible. For the bass, it has to be just right, the same way a violin is just right. The piano is very good for a quick practice session, but you have to learn to play the piano very softly so that you don’t get tired. The bass has a huge range and can also be very complicated. But the most difficult instrument to practice is the ukulele, because this is a very simple instrument to learn.

Q: What did you think was the hardest instrument to master?

A: I think the ukulele is the hardest instrument to master because it requires a certain level of technique that you have to achieve very quickly if you want to master it. And when the ukulele gets better and better, it develops a certain sound that can’t be controlled if you want to learn to play that instrument and practice it.

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Q: If you had the time to practice as many different instruments as possible, which ones would you choose?

A: I also practice everything. In the United States, we have a lot of guitar and instrument groups, and I would choose the guitar group “Fiddle, Drums, and Tambourin” because it’s one of the more popular groups with people who are also teaching. I don’t like bands like other types of bass players because they don’t know the best way to practise, and I think that most bass players who are learning the ukulele have a pretty limited idea. I would listen to recordings of them and try to work with them.

Q: What is your opinion on playing a rhythm instrument? Are you a fan of the rhythm?

A: I like rhythm and I think that some people also enjoy it. I only started playing rhythm when I was 18 because it was my favourite part of all the music I saw. But in the beginning, I started playing when I was 14, so it’s quite hard to learn, because it’s so different. I’m a fan of rhythm because it

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