Is violin harder than piano? – How To Learn The Piano Online

A. Not at all, because the fundamental part of classical music is actually quite simple. It’s just an adaptation of many kinds of music and the sounds that sound with different pitches, and the musical intervals. The piano, especially, has a few more different parts, which take longer to play. So an amateur violin or a beginner piano player should be able to play this sort of music, even though it’s much more difficult than some other kinds of music or the sounds that music uses.

Q. So would it be more difficult for an amateur violist to read classical music than for a professional musician?

A. It is much easier for an amateur violin player to read piano music, at least to some degree of competency, because the classical part of classical music is very simple. It does not have a lot of complexity, and it has almost nothing that’s difficult for an amateur violist to pick up.

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Q. What kind of music would an amateur violinist learn the most easily?

A. An amateur violinist would learn much better than most other types of music or any other types of music. For example, one of the most difficult parts and some of the most difficult pitches in a piano piece are just the fourths that you hear, in terms of where they are. It really requires an immense amount of concentration to learn this and not just a lot of practice.

Q. How much would it cost to teach a violinist how to read Chopin or some other classical composer?

A. There are not very many people that can read Chopin very well, but that does not mean it’s impossible to teach him. I’ve talked to many young violinists, and they say that they learned Chopin or some other classical composer very easily and easily from a teacher.

Q. Would you recommend teaching a violinist?

A. No. If you want to learn the most, I think that it’s really worth it to study with a professional violinist, especially if you are an amateur. It’s just too easy to play a violin well for a beginner to become an expert of this type of music. You probably can learn most of this by studying with some professional people, in my opinion.

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