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This question is not easy to ask, as piano is a classical instrument that is typically well-known and widely regarded as a better and more reliable tool for learning music than violin- which is, after all, a percussion instrument with a wider range of music styles to it. So which instrument is better for classical music? The answer to this question depends on the type of student (one who wants to improve their overall repertoire and overall musical skills, or one who just wants to know what to play at a particular time). There are quite a few different instruments to choose from, and it is worth taking a look at each type of student to see what instrument best suits them and their needs. Most students will want to learn music in the key of D and F, which are the most popular instruments throughout Europe and most of the world.

Types of Violinists

There are 2 main types of violinists, and it all depends on your needs.

Those which have classical training are mostly interested in studying the classical repertoire and in being able to play every part of their repertoire. This type of violinist may learn about 50 to 75 violins. However, they will not be very well educated in the music, because they do not need an orchestra or a concert hall to play on. These individuals may only have a few pieces, and will find that they are interested in playing a single instrument well and are very open to learning other musical styles. They may also find that they can play on a variety of instruments at different times. Those who are “fantasy” players may have a very wide repertoire and are more interested in the study of particular repertoire. This type of violinist will also enjoy learning a large number of instruments, and will be interested in learning other musical styles as well. Those who are not interested in classical learning, but who wish to learn the piano, or other traditional musical instruments, may find that they are more interested in learning the piano rather than studying the classical repertoire.

Musicians which choose to learn their own music on a daily basis

Musicians who learn their own music on a daily basis have a very broad range of skills. Many of these types of violinists have only a few piece of violin in their repertoire. They do not tend to study great repertoire. For example, jazz and blues musicians, and especially blues guitar players, tend to learn on a daily basis. They are often considered the best teachers for beginners and advanced players, because they are often able to give them the right

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