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A lot of people are starting to realize that Apple’s iPhone has been dead, and they may be going to another platform: Google’s upcoming Google TV set-top box. On Sunday, the folks at 9to5Mac were able to get a sneak peek at what the devices could look like.

The 9to5Mac report says that Google is looking to take advantage of its own content, particularly Google’s YouTube, to create an extremely rich TV experience. “While Google TV won’t be broadcasting YouTube videos from its own website, the same could be said for YouTube being embedded on Google TV,” the report said.

The set-top box has its own controller, while its controller-less competitors will have external devices, namely an Apple TV 4K remote, an Android TV set-top box, and a Roku Streaming stick and set-top box. While Google may not have the huge market share that the Nexus Player has, it could still be a major player in the TV device market.

It’s worth note, however, that there are currently no plans for an Amazon Fire TV, Roku set-top box, and 4K Roku boxes. Those devices are very much in their infancy, and the Fire TV has a great deal of potential, but it still hasn’t been announced.

We’re still waiting for Google to announce those products. At least in the US, though, the company’s Nexus Player is available for order right now.
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By James Hilliard

Forget about the “fury” from those who claim that the GOP is not running on a specific agenda as some in the media, in particular MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, contend. While I agree that “it’s clear” that Republicans have an ambitious agenda, I would also argue as I did in my previous piece that in reality, they are running primarily against their perceived political opponents.

As we saw in the Republican primary debates, it was the “establishment” (e.g. Fox News, the Washington Post/ABC poll show the establishment losing a significant majority of the primary electorate, even with the support of their most extreme right-wingers and “social conservatives”), not the “Tea Party” who dominated the Republican primary landscape. While the Republican “establishment” has had a much harder time than it did a decade ago rallying around conservative candidates (I would also argue that the “establishment” has had a much harder time rallying around conservative candidates than in the past), the Tea Party has not fared

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