Is Viola easier than violin? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids

What about bassoon? No matter what you’re trying to play, there are plenty of great options out there.

Why not start with some traditional classical instruments that you’ve always wanted to try in your band? If you’re like me, your old viola will be an essential part of your rig. A good choice here is the Rickenbacker 6007. Not only is it a superb sounding instrument, it also comes loaded with a great assortment of classic string gauges. The perfect bass.

So if no matter what it is, you’re not sure if it’ll be a perfect fit for your instrument, here’s a few suggestions:

Viola: Most people don’t understand that violin is actually a hybrid instrument. It’s a small size bass with a lot of character. The sound of the viola is quite distinct. When playing an open violin, an acoustic violin can tend to lack punch. With a good viola, you’ll have plenty of power and definition regardless of where you place the strings.

String Gauges

Most people are only familiar with the standard 40-string instrument. But fret gauges have a ton of importance. They are essential to having a consistent sound throughout the entire range. The 40 has become a staple for bass players because it can be an incredible challenge to get the ideal balance between a clean tone and the presence needed for a certain solo performance. I encourage you to try many different gauge options before settling on one that sounds right.

Bassist Length: When it comes down to it, the bass player’s bass length becomes a really important factor to consider. You’ll want the instrument to go as long as possible before crossing into the other instruments. Bassists tend to have shorter than average hands but they also have the ability to play at longer ranges. The best bet for a bass of the longer variety is the 7-string.

Body Width: The body width is determined the same way a guitar’s body width dictates the neck length. You can find a bass of any width by comparing it to your instrument. For this article, I’ll be using a 36″.

Pickup Options

You’re playing a bass right? Most bass players have their own preferences, but for most, they prefer to have a solid bass guitar, like the Vox AC30. A few bassists also choose to use a sub-sonic bass like the Vox AC70. Both of these instruments are really good sounding bass guitars and provide great versatility

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