Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – How To Teach Violin Vibrato Tutorial

Yes. I was thinking of getting a new violin by now because I needed new instruments. And my mother wanted me to have new instruments. She asked me to be more careful. So I don’t teach to the first day but the second, and then I start teaching one hour every day.

How long has it been since you wrote your first song?

Since I’m now 33, 35 years. I’ve written all of those songs. I want to write more and more, I want to write more great songs. And I think that someday I hope to compose a few great songs. Like when we are singing “Kon Nago” we’re dancing, we’re having a really good time. That’s a song I write every time I write. There’s something so magical at the end, that moment right before leaving the stage. We’re dancing so happy.

Do you write any instruments in particular?

I think of the strings more because I know they are connected to the orchestra, and that’s the way I can explain the sounds of the strings and how I want to make my music. I can’t read a note if I don’t have that idea in my mind. So I write more the violin. I’ve always found the violin beautiful, because I used to be a pianist. It’s the only instrument that you can play with such dexterity.
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What’s the most difficult instrument you’ve learned?

I’m not one of those people to try new instruments. I’ve done everything. So I think that the most difficult instrument for me is probably the flute. It’s very hard for me to learn that as a child. When I was growing up I didn’t practice because my dad was always talking about it and I couldn’t understand. When I played with my dad at home it was a lot of fun. I felt like my dad was a better flute player than I was. So for the time that I could play, the clarinet was more difficult.

What is the one thing that separates you from other violin instructors?

They have different abilities but one thing that gives them a lot, and they’re all really good musicians too, is they are really good storytellers. They write a book and they have stories in it. And people are inspired by it, and they believe the whole book, and they want to get the whole story and they want to be part of the story. I try to make people be able

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