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Vexillum is produced in a two-piece design which are attached together with steel strips to make an acoustic instrument. Vexillum is a very flexible and durable instrument. It has excellent resonance at low frequencies. The string tension in Vexillum is about 3 kg/cm² and the string tension for a viola is about 8–10 kg/cm². The weight of the violin is 13–16 kg. The weight of the strings is 8–9 kg and the string tension is about 3 kg/cm² (or 5 kg with the adjustable suspension and strings).
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Vexillum is made on a very large scale. The production of Vexillum and other traditional instruments is expensive because of the enormous quantities of steel required to produce and repair instruments of this type. To maintain our production capacity, we have to hire an average size workshop which is located in the Netherlands. The largest production facility is located in the town of Akenhoven in the Netherlands.

Is the Vexillum designed for high speed playing?

Vexillum has the characteristic wide soundboard profile so that it can easily be mounted to a wooden frame, which is the main material used in contemporary wooden violins. The high-speed playing of Vexillum is very important because that allows the player to reach the best possible notes in a fast manner.

Vexillum has a small size and great weight with a low center of gravity so that it is ideal for high speed playing and the high velocity of the violin, which is important for classical music. In comparison to a classical bow, the Vexillum is much lighter in its construction. The Vexillum has a large and very thin flat-bed body.

Vexillum is played through the stringed system, with the strings set up directly on the body. If the strings are set slightly off the body, they make the movement of the string difficult to achieve. If the strings are set too far below the body, the vibration of the string will become exaggerated and can be less predictable. Thus if the player has a very light instrument, it is very hard to play quickly. The Vexillum is designed to be very flexible and lightweight.

How is the weight of a violin?

When a violin is played at maximum speed the weight of the instrument is about 35 kg or 95 lbs. This is much less than the weight of other traditional instruments. Therefore

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