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Learning to play the violin is a serious skill that requires dedication and an understanding of the process of learning. For most beginners, the violin is the most difficult instrument. For the serious beginner or one with little experience, it is not as difficult to learn. There are many ways to learn but the basic steps are the following:

1. Get to know the violin.

Learn all you can about it.

2. Learn to play the violin.

Learn a few songs.

3. Practice.

Tune the violin and practice playing each piece.

4. Learn new tunes and music theory.

Become expert enough as you can to start learning new music.

5. Begin exploring new styles of music.

Try it out with your friends and find out what works best for them.

6. Practice.

Keep practicing and keep adding to your practice routine.

If you just can’t afford to buy a good, new violin and still want to try playing one, a good starter instrument is the cello but you can also buy a cheap electric guitar that can play the violin.

How do I find the right teacher, music teacher?

There are only really two good ways to find the right music teacher. One is from the music teacher’s website of the school you want to attend. This works better with online music school and the other is via the teacher’s phone/television. To find the right teacher on your chosen route you can check the online teacher directory first. For the cello teacher there is a list of music teachers who have been certified and the lists can be found in the About Us section.

Is it true that musicians don’t choose teachers until after their death?

Yes, many musicians choose their music teachers before they are dead.

In general, musical teachers are very knowledgeable and very good of their craft. As such, if you ask them a difficult question they are likely to find the answer for you. If you are not satisfied with the answers they give, it is worth considering other avenues or options. For example, teachers may be good to try out.

Where can I find a music teacher?

Many schools now offer online music teacher networks, which allow for access to thousands of music schools in the United States and Canada. The list of music teachers listed in the About Us section can be found here.
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Is there a chance I will never learn

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