How do I buy my first violin? – Learn Violin Online Beginner Yoga Class

How do I order a violin from my home town ?

Am I covered if I lose or break a violin ?

Am I covered if I break or miss a string – is my new guitar still fine ?

Am I covered if my finger and hand are cracked on the strings and I need to buy a new violin ?

Am I covered if the string breaks on my first violin ?

Do I have to buy a violin if I break my finger on the strings ?

Can I order a repaired violin?

What are the fees for my first violin?

How do I repair my first instrument ?

Do I have to buy a violin from a foreign country ?

Where can I buy a guitar or amp in my home town?

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What is the price in Australia ?

Who can I speak to about my new instrument ?

Do I have to buy a new guitar or amp or can I get one in the local shop?

What kind of questions can I ask someone about my first violin?

Am I covered if I have a cracked finger or my finger will fall off on the strings ?

All of the above ?

How do I ask questions about my instrument ?

I need more information on getting a loan or loan repayment for a piece of music ?

I need an instruction manual/how-to book ?

What can I make my own ?

Do I need an instrument repair technician to fix my instrument ?

Ask the experts

How to buy a violin with a credit loan

How to buy a guitar or amp after the purchase

What instruments are protected by copyright?

Am I protected if I own my own copy of a musical score ?

Will I be able to reproduce songs in my own voice ?

Will I be able to reproduce music by a composer of great renown ?

What if I’m a professional musician who wants a copyright on my work?

What is the difference between a work made for the public and one produced for a private individual?

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