How do I buy my first violin? – Learn To Play Violin App

The easy way:

Buy online from the online classifieds and try eBay. There is lots of stuff here for free like strings and the like. It’s worth going for the best deal and buying a pre-owned one. There will be some auctions and lots of stuff on the first sale but be prepared to be on hand. I do NOT recommend buying from the web auction sites like amazon or the like.

The hard way:

Buy a pre-owned violin and take it out to an official manufacturer and get it inspected. There are plenty of people who will give you professional advice on what instruments are out there. I’ve also heard of people getting used violins and having them tested and found to be worth quite a bit of money. But the best advice I can give to you is to get the best quality you can afford.

Which violin models are worth it?

There is a lot of good advice on this subject. But here are the general rankings for violins by price according to my own personal recommendations.

Best deals on small to medium stringed instruments – in our opinion

Very expensive (cost: £2500 or more) violins worth the investment

Classical/Modern violins

Best used violins

Worth buying if you want to buy and sell

Inferior used violins

Best cheap used violins

Not worth buying in the first place in our opinion

The worst violins to buy in the first place

The best quality of violins as per a particular brand

Can I do a low key or traditional style violin?

Well, in fact, your best bet is to buy a ‘classical’ violin with traditional instruments. These are those that you can perform a lot of these traditional music styles with. This means you should check some prices. Generally with violins, a low treble and a treble of no more than 10th is ideal. This means the bridge is at least 11/4 inches high when the instrument is the least expensive. For example, a 5th string violin, the first string (6th or 7th) should be treble 14/8 inches and the treble and bass strings should be no more than 9/4 inches. Some violins are only treble 14/8 inches (i.e. the 3/4″ violins and some 6th string violins do not have these standards).

Most classical

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