How can you tell if a violin is vintage? – How To Learn Violin Faster Pussycat Tour

Look at the fretboard in the top position. Does the neck stay vertical at all times, or is it more tapered? The higher up you pull the neck, the thicker the fretboard.

You can tell the vintage-level instrument by examining the strings and fretboard. Modern strings and fretboard are much smoother, so it’s possible to tell if the instrument was played by a skilled player, who worked hard to polish and polish and polish the strings. If the string heads are smooth, this is a vintage violin. If there is one string with more string wear, or if a string is broken, there’s a good chance it’s a vintage.

Why Is A Vintage Instrument Old?

The reasons this particular instrument is vintage are myriad. Some, such as the strings and fretboard, had been replaced; others, like the rest of the instrument, had been lost due to war and natural disasters. While we cannot be certain, we can safely presume that many of these musical instruments were destroyed in World War II.

However, there are still certain pieces of a violin that had been given a new lease of life thanks to the restoration. In some examples, the neck and fretboard remain the same, so these examples of vintage instruments are still usable! These are the pieces you need to know about to truly appreciate your vintage violin.

If you would like to learn more about the specific restoration required to save the neck and fretboard of a particular vintage violin, click here for a brief look at how some vintage violins were restored.

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