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In order for a violin to continue to sound like the instrument it’s built from, it needs to be maintained correctly. With good play, the string and body will retain the same tone and color, but this is only true if you do everything to get it maintained properly. There are a few ways to do this:

Get the string and body sharpened. This is a very cheap alternative to buying a new bow.

Get a new string to avoid string breakage.

Get a re-sanding with nylon to keep a cleaner, more uniform string.

Get your instrument repaired or repaired well, then keep it clean.

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Don’t get a violin for the sound

Don’t believe the claims of most guitar and violin stores. You’re probably paying more for a great instrument, but the bass and other lower cost choices don’t get any good sound at all. Guitar strings are usually cut to 5.5% of their original length, and they’re usually too brittle to sustain any kind of sound. That’s it. It’s a sad, tragic mistake made by manufacturers that is almost the opposite of what a good violin should sound like. If I had to pick one bad thing about my instrument, it would be that it can only play so many notes before it starts to sound awful.

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What is your first impression of the new Windows 8.1? Any comments?

Windows 8.1 is not a brand new experience. It was released in June 2014 with a huge focus on performance, new design and touch.

The OS was introduced in a huge upgrade that replaced the previous Windows 7 operating system with a completely new interface. The OS offers a touch screen, two separate versions of Internet Explorer, redesigned folders with many new features and now a modern look of the entire interface.

Overall, I found that the interface and touch experience in Windows 8.1 were better than Windows 7, but it took quite some time before I completely understand it myself.

The current user does not fully feel comfortable with the interface with its new look and feel, since it is so new. That can be expected, considering that this is a brand new experience in the Windows world and for Windows users.

But I found most users to be really good with Windows 8.1, and I think that most users will end up with the same feeling I do

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