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It depends entirely upon how well you’re playing and how you’re feeling. If you’re in good health, your ability to play will improve with age and age is not necessarily a sign of health. In my opinion, all the best violists are those who play as much as they can.

In what other ways can violins become more valuable?

There are tons of things about violins that make them better.

One common one is the “filling” of the sound cavity. If you use a more powerful violin, such a B1, that cavity becomes bigger and larger. With that bigger and larger cavity comes the possibility of being able to more accurately reproduce the sound of the violin. The fact that the B1 strings are more powerful than the B4s also mean that the B2 strings are more valuable and the B3 and B4 strings require less skill to use than the B2s.

The more volume you use, the louder your music will be and the higher your sound could potentially become. The most important thing though is that the instrument you choose should ideally provide the highest amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from the time you spend playing it. I’m not talking about the same thing you would get from a cheap acoustic guitar or a bass. I’m speaking about the kind of satisfaction you would get from being able to play for hours at a time or a single piece of music for hours at a time.

What’s the most expensive instrument to play?

The B1 stringed violins generally cost between $2,000 and $3,000. I am a huge fan of the B1 as a very portable instrument, it has a huge sound and I am able to play it many times per day at my office and in my living room. If your playing needs are extremely minimal then you can easily pay the sticker price for a B1.

What equipment are you using? Is it your own?

There are a variety of pieces of equipment that I carry around with me and I always use this gear, if I feel it is necessary, I will also carry it around. If you feel like an expensive brand isn’t right for you then you can get something cheaper at Guitar Center.

What kind of music do you like?

I like most classical music, rock and pop music. I’m also very fond of jazz. If it’s more pop or if I’m really tired and want to take some time off, I

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