Do violins hold their value? – How To Learn To Play Violin In One Hour

A. If you listen closely to how violins sound, you’ll hear a lot of distortion. If you play violins without a capo, you’ll get a very loud sound, probably around 5-10 kilophones. But if you place a capo after the violin, the sound gets more controlled, and it doesn’t get so loud. You can hear that for yourself, too. A lot more distortion. Q. What changes when I take something like a violin or viola apart? A. The plastic in some violin cases is very brittle, and you can bend it. It’s also brittle within the strings. So when you break that piece of material, it makes the violins sound less than pristine. Another reason that these violins sound less than pristine is that the metal that’s inside is very porous. The string plays differently and the sound is less controlled. There also is a lot of carbon buildup, and that’s what I think has been contributing to that. Carbon is made by breathing in carbon during your lifetime, and it builds up very quickly. It’s mostly stored in the bone that you hold in your hands at any moment, so when you break a string a lot of the accumulated carbon builds up. As a result, violins sound less than pristine. Q. Why would a violin make for a better guitar? A. The strings used for the violins are made of an alloy called steel. This alloy is harder than copper, and it has the advantage that it makes violins sound fuller on the neck than violins without it. When violin strings are strung the way they should be strung on a guitar, the harmonics that you hit are a lot higher, and we’re really listening to that harmonic. With no strings, the strings are like water. The strings are just water waves that move around and we can’t make out anything about them. On a standard guitar, you’d get a very flat tone, and violins produce fuller, louder tones. Q. How do you clean the strings before it’s time to take them apart? A. Some people use some kind of cleaner, like oil-based cleaner. It works, but it’s more expensive than regular cleaning. Some of our customers have had success using a steel wool. Just remove all of the residue from the strings and they look shiny and new again. One person’s got some steel wool in her glovebox. Q. What are the differences between violins and guitars? A. The violin is made of
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