Can you learn violin at any age? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 4

Or is it that age is where that happens?

The age at which I learned any instrument was between five and nine. I knew the basics and it wasn’t till I was seven that I really understood it completely. I learned how to play, I learned what was going on in the music because that was part of the instruction of course. I knew the violin before my parents and grandparents.

So at seven what was it then? I had an uncle there who taught me when I was in second or third form. I could still hear and hear things at the age of five so when I was eight or nine I was starting to understand that I would one day play and learn. There are just lots of things that we don’t fully understand at the time.

How did you get interested in music? Did you ever really listen to the music before you joined the class then?

It wasn’t that music was always at heart for me, quite the opposite. I had started to listen to more classical musics and the whole process was just so exciting. I used to play at the age of five and then to a certain extent later on I actually began to enjoy the instrument. The real thing that really made me love music, was the time it took for it to get there, how much time passed between when I learnt what was good and what I didn’t like. So I was always into music as a child.

Did you ever go to a concert to listen to the band?

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No. The band that was playing at university in Liverpool was always exciting. I wasn’t ever allowed to go any further than that because it was just a class that I didn’t want to do. I went straight to the classroom at home on Friday night and the band came along. The first time I heard them play I really liked them and the other teachers at the same level would always say ‘I think she is the best!’ And then when we were doing rehearsals at home on Sunday they said ‘Oh god, you really like that?’.

And I was like ‘Yes I like it…’ – but it had been years since I had heard it. I didn’t want to be bothered with going to a concert because I was going to university so I would just do it on Saturday and then I was so bored of it. I still was interested in classical music but I wasn’t into going out to shows.

And that’s kind of the problem. We’ve all got so

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