Can violin be self taught? – Violin Lessons

Voc. It depends! The main difference between this and the violin is that it is self taught. So in that case, I would say that the solo violin will be a bit more difficult than the double-bass. In the last section, we were talking about the theory, the preparation, and the technique of doing things. This would be about the fundamentals of playing the violin. That includes the technique of the arm, the fingers, and the head and neck. So, I would not say that the solo violin is easier to learn than a double bass because obviously the solo violin will be more difficult to play. So the solo violin has to be learned more slowly. But maybe there is more to it. So if you look at the first lesson, there is a section on soloing the violin and then we start playing it with the double bass. So the reason is, you might be doing one piece a minute or something and then in the next lesson we might play that part a bit differently or play it a bit easier.

Q: So you don’t think it will take a long time for people to get this and start playing?

Voc. Well, I think there will be a bit of a bottleneck. I don’t know how long it will take in the first stage. But the second stage of learning is probably going to be even longer. Because at first, the solo violin needs only a bit of exposure before you can play with the double bass. So you have to work hard and learn the double bass, and then you should be able to play solo violin.

Q: If I start now, is my life going to be good ?

Voc. You have to work a lot. So I would say you have to work a lot to get good with that. At the moment, the solo violin is going to be my most favourite thing in life. It’s not that other instruments are better, it’s the practice, the training, the attention, the attention, and just working too hard to learn it.

Q: And finally, in your experience, or in your personal opinion, do the solo violinists of today still need to take more time to get to a higher level?

Voc. This is probably something you have to ask your teachers and I don’t have that answer on my desk. But that’s a good question to ask. So I would say that if you start learning it because you’re young and want something real quick

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