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No, but I want to learn to play.” But, after practicing for two years, the violinist was told, “I could never do this. It’s not my gift to teach you.” So, she became a teacher.

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“That’s the big problem. We are all the same. We teach children, not adults. That is why we’re all under one roof.” She talks about the pressure to give up personal control.

What kind of help is there in working with troubled kids? Is there some kind of training for teachers, with a plan to help teachers deal with the most difficult students? Or is there the more vague term “compassionate guidance”? “Compassionate guidance” is used a lot in counseling. I have a friend who is doing a really nice work with troubled children at a school for mentally disabled kids in Boston. She has a lot of help in dealing with her own problems and her concerns in dealing with her children with bipolar disorder. My question is, how do you help people with mental illness when they have that much of a deficit of empathy?

“There is no substitute for self-sufficiency and self-reliance.”

What advice would you give to parents of troubled children? “It’s important to be there for the children. I would like to say that I do believe that all children deserve good parents – but they have to be the best parent they can be. That means going to church and doing your homework and staying with the children and being there for the physical and emotional needs. There is no substitute for self-sufficiency and self-reliance.” Then, she goes on to say: “No parent should have to worry about their child. I hate to make that declaration, but if you can’t provide for your own child, then don’t be such a good parent. If kids are at risk for bad outcomes in their life, then no one really needs their money. We all have the right to make decisions so that we don’t lose.” She calls the current system “totalitarian.” I would like to say that the current system is “compassionate” but her answer says otherwise. And what about “no one really needs your money”? She is not advocating a total elimination of the welfare system. She is saying that even with the best “compassionate” guidance, kids do need help now more than ever. That means that schools, churches, and the government should step up. That’s her way to be compassionate.

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