Can violin be self taught? – Learn Violin Vibrato Fast


What does self teaching mean?

The term is used with an adjective, as in “The teacher can teach you self-play if you want to,” which I would use to refer to a musician who teaches a person “self-play,” not a teacher of self-learn.

Why is the term “self learning” a misnomer?

Because the first use of “self-play” is by the name of a book of instructions, “Self Playing: A Book of the Music of the Violin,” written by a student of Franz Liszt. This book does not suggest that only learned pieces on the violin are self-learnable. A violinist may write down any piece he can play that sounds like a standard-sized violin, but he cannot “play in a way that will allow him to learn the whole concerto, or to play any piece of his own composition.” The first use of that term in a printed publication, not by a teacher, in a book, would be “self-learner”: an individual able to self-learn to the point where he or she could play an entirely new form of music. In actual usage, “self-play,” in a printed publication or a concert performance, means the learning of one piece of music.

Can violinists self- teach themselves? Why not?

Self-play is simply a way to play music, a process for people to learn to play the instrument that a teacher taught to them. So the only way to play any kind of piece of music is to play the piece that a teacher taught you how to play. You can play any piece with any piece of music that you learn but you wouldn’t be able to “self-learn” to any kind of music.

What is the point of violin lessons?

Because in order to learn anything, one either needs a teacher or one needs to listen to a lot of music, and because there is so little real difference between piano and violin, there isn’t one as widely agreed upon as one might expect, the violin is very popular as a vehicle for learning music.

Why do you say that piano and violin are not as common a vehicle for learning music as violin?

Because it is one of the few instruments available to students who are not proficient in both the two- and three-string playing. They are not really comparable because the “right” type of violin is a particular style that will not

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