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Can you be an violinist with great technique? Can you make a living playing violin? Yes you can! Yes, the world can be a world of the unknown. You have to go out there and conquer that, so that you are able to find your voice.

Image copyright AP Image caption The BBC has released the names of those arrested in the United States on a number of charges

Two British people, one of them a former BBC journalist, have been arrested after travelling to join so-called Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

Abdullah Othman, who was working for the BBC’s Iraq service, was said to have travelled to Syria to join IS militants.

British-born Othman, 28, was charged with conspiring to provide material support to IS in August.

The BBC said he had left his wife and daughter behind in Birmingham in the days after the killing of James Foley in the Middle East.

Othman, who has dual nationality, worked for the IS unit in the Middle East.

His wife, Maryam, 33, a former reporter with the BBC’s Gulf News agency, was taken into custody by police and is due to appear in court later in the week, the BBC reported.

Another BBC reporter, James Foley, 47, was killed in a raid on an IS position in Syria on 21 August.

Othman’s arrest comes as the government says it has carried out a wide-ranging counter-terrorism campaign against IS.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We are fighting an evil and we will prevail.”

In a statement, Attorney General Dominic Grieve said Othman was charged with “a series of offenses including conspiring to provide material support to ISIL and providing material support to terrorists”, referring to the group by its Arabic acronym.

Who are the Islamic State (IS)

Image copyright Reuters Image caption IS militants have recently captured parts of Iraq and Syria

Why have they emerged as a major threat to both Iraq and the West?

Who are Iraq’s Shia Muslims?

Why did the West intervene in Syria?

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Othman and Othman’s arrest followed a raid the day before Foley’s beheading by IS militants in the city of Raqqa, in northern Syria.

During the operation, three other British nationals were arrested.

Othman, married to a British Muslim, is expected to plead not guilty at

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