Can adults learn violin? – How To Learn Cello Notes Sheet

How to learn what is taught?

Do you need someone to show you around? I could teach this to you in the comfort of my own apartment!

Are there lessons that you already know?

Will you have trouble finding an instructor?

What size instrument? Do you want a small or medium violin?

What age? All students should be at least adult sized when taking lessons.

Any suggestions/additions to this list?

Have questions about teaching?

I am looking for a qualified violin teacher to teach my son/daughter.

I know my son or daughter has already been in some kind of music classroom or summer camp and was very enthusiastic to join. He has been a great student.

My kid has been in a small school that teaches all age groups (6th through 12th, except special education) but their bass violins were just too small. They needed a teacher that could teach the kids to play large, and his experience and knowledge of violin playing will allow him to get a bigger violin. Our son could sing and read, but I do not love his voice. I would not want to have to worry that he will not be able to make it and be an excellent student.

If you want to teach bass in an open environment, but have an existing student to teach, please email my contact information to:

If you would like to help a teacher out, please see teacher job opportunities!

I am considering opening up a home-based education program where beginners will learn to play guitar first.

This could be a great opportunity to teach a ton of music to kids!

I would like to offer lesson to children (4th and 8th graders) at the following schools and community centers. Please note that students from these schools should be at least 8th grade to participate. I am also able to provide extra assistance with the teaching and tutoring necessary for any of these programs based on a special need or ability.
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Cherry Hill, N.J.

Northfield, N.J.

East Moline, Ill.

Hamburg, Ill.

Northbrook, Ill.

Chicago, Ill.

Deerfield Park, Ill.

Where are my school’s website, email and contact information?

These can be done online. Please send me a message and let me

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