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We have them and they are good.”

Bethany Nissenbaum, who lives in the same section of the house she and her husband bought in 2007 with their two children, believes the Nissens’ new home in North Beach will improve their quality of life and allow them more choices.

“It’s the right place for us,” she said. “That’s very important to us.”

The Nissens’ home on Oak Terrace is the second oldest in Washington, D.C., according to the National Register of Historic Places. The Nissens bought the home in 2006 with the intent to continue its use as a single-family home, but that decision would not be finalized for years.

After more than a year of planning, the Nissens have been working behind the scenes to finalize a final home and remodel their two other homes in the area, said David Molles, a property management specialist at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

“We are not in a rush with anything,” he said. “We’ll look at our options in the next month. As to when that happens, we’re not a rush. It’ll happen in the next month.”

In addition, the Nissens have retained the services of the local architect, David A. R. Loomis Architects, as well as consultants and experts to help their renovation plans. Among them are architect Daniel M. Duchamp and engineer Paul Loomis Jr., Molles said. The Nissens will hire two or three more architects and engineers, however.

“They’ve invested in their own renovation and now we want to make sure that they get it right,” Loomis said. “That takes time. You’ve got to have good people make this work.”

One of these potential consultants is Frank W. Kranzbahn, who is involved in an East Coast office called FHN Architects in New York, which specializes in historic architecture and engineering work, according to a website.

Loomis said the Nissens have no current plans for a museum or a museum-like exhibition, but they are exploring other options for their home.

The Nissens also are exploring a move to Maryland. Bethany Nissenbaum said she and her husband would like to live at the house where they first bought their house, but are planning on staying longer if possible.

They also would like to stay as

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