Why do cricket pitchers run? – Learn Singing

It is difficult to answer that. In their attempt to be more like humans, they may have a tendency to do things like run in circles at high speed. But they are unlikely to do so at the expense of their safety. The pitch is never less than 60° or more than 90° from the hand. The ball must always be in the air between the catcher and the pitcher. In other words, when you see a pitcher throw a ball, it is not just a reflex action. It requires the pitcher to consciously control the speed of the ball. And that is a tremendous mental labor! With two arms, the batter’s bat is about as small as a watermelon. He has to release the hammer and swing the bat around so it points away from the pitcher; he must release the backstop, then reach down to pull the bat back into his right hand. That is a lot of mental work for a small, dumb, little piece of fruit. When a pitcher has enough confidence that his ball will strike the baseball into the catcher’s glove and the batter will hit it, he will simply sit back and let the batter hit the ball instead of being the one to try and catch it. The pitcher’s work is not in the batter’s mind, it is in the catcher’s and the batter’s. The batter wants to hit it. The pitcher wants to get ahead of the batter. They will never get the best of each other, and neither will the batter in an actual game. But if one pitcher wants to see the other do a job, he will do whatever feels right to accomplish the goal. Just as the baseball always moves in a circle between the catcher and the pitcher, the batter always moves in a circle with the ball: he does not need to stop and pick his bat back up. He does not need to take a breath – he just starts swinging, like a golfer swinging the club. But the pitcher may need to slow down, and his glove must be raised at the same time. And the batter may need to try to change speeds or angle of attack when he starts to swing. I do not think this mental labor is at all necessary. The bat doesn’t move on its own; there is nothing magical about it. With two hands it is much easier to control the speed of the bat; but with one, the pitcher can put a greater distance between him and the batter, and as he does that he may be able to better judge the impact of the ball. I do not know if the
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