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No one is going to be surprised that Virat Kohli takes a top position in this particular category. The Indian skipper had the third highest wicket taker rating (31.1) so far in 2016, followed by Murali Kartik (28.3) and Yuvraj Singh (24.3). His record suggests that he will continue to be one of the top bowlers under the current conditions.

The only other players with higher wicket taker ratings were South Africa opener AB de Villiers (29.9) and batsman Shoaib Malik (28.0) who also played a pivotal role in taking India to their highest ever aggregate score of 9.44. Virat Kohli, by contrast, didn’t score more than 30 runs in any match as a result of his wicket taker rating.

Who has scored the highest boundary average in a wicket?

While it may seem an insignificant statistic, a lot is made of the maximum boundary average when it comes to batsmen with a ranking in Test cricket (above 50%).

Batsman with 50s top scores: Sachin Tendulkar (1,894), Chris Gayle (1,737), Ricky Ponting (1,720), Ian Botham (1,610).

Batsman with 60s top scores: Sachin Tendulkar (2,017), Chris Gayle (2,012), Chris Gayle (1,811), Robin Singh (1,927) and Ricky Ponting (1,893).

Batsman with 70s top scores: Sachin Tendulkar (2,971), Dale Steyn (1,914), Robin Hood (1,916) and Ian Botham (2,026).

Batsman with 80s top scores: Dale Steyn (3,012), Robin Hood (1,876), Chris Gayle (2,013), Dale Steyn (1,908) and Ian Botham (2,049).

Batsman with 90s top scores: Chris Gayle (3,038), Dale Steyn (3,026) and Ian Botham (2,083).

The list above represents a much larger subset of all possible scores for batsman with a rating in the 30-40s bracket. To illustrate the wide range of possible scores for batsmen with this rating, we have analysed the

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