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How many layers of the key to start with?

What is the size of the text (max. 800×600 pixels)

How many lines of text is text?

The font font (if it exists) and color

The text and image paths

The font name and color of the text.

Any symbols.

The colors and sizes of the image.

(Optional) Any special command(s)

(optional) (optional) (optional) (optional) Name of the plugin

If set, the text will be automatically styled

The path to the image’s “jpeg” file in the working directory

Use the following command to make a simple style change:

vim -c style change.vim

For a longer style change, you may also use:

vim -c ‘ style-diff –diff-mode=relative -c style change.vim

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The following are my notes for my final year of medical school in 2012.

(Note: I haven’t been able to sit in on discussions yet. So many people are already talking. Also, there are now two courses, one of them being in an entirely different topic from the ones being taught. This is fine. As I’ve said, I’ll continue talking about whatever I’m currently interested in. I’d like to talk about something with some relevance to my medical world, which is the subject of the course.)

Here’s a transcript of my talks/workshops:

A lot of people ask me what I do while I’m in school. The answer is actually a bit of a confusing mess. Let me explain some of the things I’m writing about. My goal is not to do anything that I think is “crazy”, and I don’t write about controversial subjects (I’m sure there’s a good explanation of why this is a bad thing – it’s too difficult to explain). There are many types of posts – the best is the content and context around it. I’m really quite a shy person and tend to use the blog a little too much – I don’t have the skills to translate that into a well-structured blog. So here

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