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The larynx (also known as the windpipe) is the most important structure in the throat and is very vital to your voice. The larynx is made up of two chambers — the alveoli (the small air sacs) and the tympanic membrane (or trachea). The larynx is a flexible, fluid-filled structure which lies between the trachea (the thin tube that carries air in and out of the trachea) and the lower part of the pharynx (the tube that connects the larynx to the trachea). In infants, the trachea is very large and there is no space for the larynx at the back of the throat.

What are the different kinds of laryngoscopy (laryngoscopy, laryngoscope, laryngoscopy, & lingodontic, laryngeal, laryngeal…)?

Laryngoscopy (laryngoscopy, laryngoscope, laryngoscopy, & lingodontic, laryngeal, laryngeal…) is the use of a microscope or light microscope (LFL) to use high-speed imaging to view the anatomy of the respiratory system and the larynx in infants.

Linguoidoscopy (linguoidoscope, laryngeal, language…), which refers to the use of a Linguoidoscope, is the routine use of a language tool to view the larynx and the vocal cords. It is not a routine diagnostic procedure.

How are the laryngoscopes operated?

The laryngoscope is operated by a member of the general surgery team, who uses a light microscope in collaboration with a trained pathologist, to see (or manipulate) the anatomy and function of the larynx. The pathologist uses a light microscope to view the larynx (often through tissue film, but occasionally, with a 3D image of the larynx). This approach is known as soft tissue imaging (SIT).

The laryngoscope is operated on many infants and does not require anesthesia, whereas the language tool (the LFL) may require surgical anesthesia, although the LFL is not commonly used by pediatricians.

What are the advantages of laryngoscopy in infants?

There are three main advantages of laryngoscopy:

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