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They are the same word, but for two different things. Two are two, but in the English language they aren’t: One is a two-shooter, the other is not even a shooter. The two are a reference to the original Sharps & Allen pistol, which was introduced to the United States in 1885.

Why is the two part of Sharps & Allen’s name? The two-shooting gun was an improvement over a single-shooting model, but not for long. While it still was available when American gunsmith John T. Sharps (1780-1851) invented the gun on January 26, 1892, that was the only version in production and was eventually phased out as the single-shooting version of the popular Model 515. Sharps and Allen made other guns out of the same frame.

In 1934, a patent was granted for a single-shooting “single-shooter” gun called the “Two-Shooter.” The patent was filed by Thomas H. Rinker, who was named a company co-patentee. Sharps continued using Rinker as the name of the company’s gun maker until 1948.

The single-shooting gun was used by many other manufacturers as well. It was the design of the Remington rifle, adopted in 1841. That gun was originally called the Model 1841 rifle, but changed to the new, “two-shooter” model by 1844.

The dual-shooting gun, popular in some British Army regiments, was used up through at least the late 1960s.

What do they have in common? Sharps & Allen firearms are made up of several different types of firearms. They include revolvers, rifles, shotguns, .22 rifles, revolvers of all types, and shotguns. The first guns that came out of the company in 1888 included a .22 rifle and two revolvers. By 1893, Sharps & Allen had two revolvers and one rifle; the later guns had a rifle, one shotgun and two revolvers.

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