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Who writes pitches? Why do we like the pitch of a song? What determines which pitches will be the most accepted by the public and how they will be presented to us when we hear the songs?

A pitch is the pitch a singer (or a musician) gives us so we can feel the tone of a particular song, a note, or the harmony of a melody. Here we discuss how pitches are assigned to instruments and which instruments provide the pitch of a particular song.

A major scale for piano


A piano is a keyboard with a sound-producing mechanism that gives its pitch directly to each note. Each individual note on a keyboard has its own fundamental (also known as the fundamental pitch).

Pitch is defined as the frequency or sound-energy of a sound. It represents the relative energy that is required to produce the note’s fundamental frequency. Some of the pitches on a piano are as follows:

D: low frequency

E: low energy

G: medium-low frequency

A: high frequency

B: high energy

What is the relation between each pitch and the piano? The fundamental pitch has a direct relationship to the duration of a note because both the frequency and amplitude of each note are dependent on the duration of the note. If two notes have the same duration—a pitch and a duration of the same frequency—then they will produce the same energy.

Each note of a musical scale has a different fundamental frequency. A scale consists of notes that share the fundamental of two others. As the fundamental of these others grows smaller, their notes become shorter, and eventually will be the fundamental of just one note as an independent scale. Each note in a piano has a pitch that is assigned to it.

A scale begins in the middle of the keyboard and continues around every key. As the pitch of one note gets smaller, that pitch will eventually end up in that key, and as it begins to end up in that key, its pitch will grow shorter. However, if we change the fundamental of the key (and thereby the pitch of the key), the note will start at the center of the keyboard and grow towards the edge, increasing in pitch as it moves closer to that edges. The note is then assigned a new fundamental pitch.

The fundamental frequency of a scale is a measure of the distance of a note from its center. The greater the distance from its center, the larger the fundamental of that scale will be

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