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And what is ‘the beat’?

Brahma-Nāga, the Supreme Wisdom, says:

“Brahma-Nāga, the supreme wisdom, is the way to know, ‘What is the meaning of the world? And how is it like this? The world is like this’…(The meaning of the world) is like this” (Sugārīm)

The words, ‘This is the world’ are not meant to be a ‘word to the ear’, that is, that it is simply another way of saying ‘This is the state of being of this’. These do not correspond to anything, and for this reason Brahma-Nāga is called ‘the Supreme Wisdom’.
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Sugārīm refers to Brahma’s speech. Therefore, what Sugārīm speaks of is an objective reality which comes to existence at any given time or moment. It is not something external, but this can only be known through the senses, i.e. through perception. The ‘beating’ is made possible by it. Therefore, the objective reality does not ‘belong’ to the senses, but simply to perception. What is spoken by Sugārīm, then, is also a state of being.

In this way, Brahma-Nāga’s ‘beating’ is made possible by the subjective experience of this particular state of being. And this state of being can be known by the senses.

So, the meaning of ‘beating’ in music is as a subjective reference, a reference to the subjective experience of something or something that is. This has been stated in the same way as if an image were projected onto an objective reality. And if we say that an image is an image of a thing that exists, then the beat is made visible in music.

However, there are also other different possibilities.

Now, here are some other ‘beats’ that are not associated with a certain state or mode of being:

“This is the state of Being-In-One’s-Mind” (Sugārīm)

“He is this world”

‘What is that? (Anātman)

“Whence that comes'” (Anātman or the nature of Being [or in other words, how does it come])

“His form is this world” (Anātman)

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