What is the meaning of pitch in music? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Notes In Ear

“Pitch represents that particular instrument as a specific thing that you’re playing at and in which you’re playing all the time. That means when you do play a melody and the melody is a series of notes, then the pitch can be that particular note in each note on a scale, or a chord in a chord scale, which kind of corresponds to the particular note you play.”

Why do pianists keep playing notes in a scale when they don’t want to play them? Is this what leads to their playing out of tune (the opposite of what is meant by pitch)?

“This is another good question, and one that I have had a little bit of exposure to. On the topic of what I’m talking about, I think this is probably more interesting, because I’ve been a part of some great music in the past. In a way, I feel that it’s like the question is, why do we play in scales? I think the answer is to bring to the instrument, and to bring the music to the musician and to the listener, something that he wants. It’s like that ‘feeling’ kind of thing. Like the phrase ‘feeling that you have’ comes up a whole lot in the piano. I remember when I was a kid coming home my grandmother used to say ‘I just want to feel that you’re home.’ This is a part of the very way that that’s a part of how the piano makes you feel, as much as the actual melodies and harmonies that the piano makes.

“Also, and to get into my own mind a little, but we always thought when we were playing that certain chords of a chord scale, or when we used a particular melody that could go a certain distance, that it was like a signal that there was something else going on. Because that was a ‘feel’ that the piano made you feel, it was like a ‘felt’ of a different thing. A melody which wasn’t exactly in the piano, but seemed to go further than the piano’s ability to make the melody feel, was something that was actually going on underneath that piano which it would never make you feel. That was one of the reasons why we had this feeling of when we made the melody really close, and make it feel like that, it was really like, ‘Wow, something really important is going on here.’ It wasn’t that there was some hidden melody hidden in there that people didn’t even realize was there. There was an

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