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Pitch is the sound which a performer makes from his voice, or where it originates from. It can be both an exact repetition or another variation. The sound will be either smooth or sharp. In the former case, the pitch will be either in the same octave or a second octave higher than the one of the note, in the latter, there will be a slight increase in volume and pitch. It will, for example, have a sharp sharp sound. If the song has a long melody, it will have a very regular rhythm. The pitches of an octave for example will vary from 0 to 2 and then again between 0 and 12. Therefore, all the notes of a song will follow the same order and will sound the same after a few hundred steps. If a song has a regular rhythms, it can be played in any order, from first to third or down to first.

How do you define a “soft” beat?

A “soft” beat in music means that a song has only 1 or more notes that are only slightly different than each other, usually 5 beats per measure. The rhythm is similar to a beat in the rhythmical keyboard, as it is more regular and is not too fast. Since it is different, you will have to think about the notes in a rhythmical keyboard more carefully.

What is a “soft” beat in rhythmical keyboard?

When there are only 5 beats per measure, it means that the rhythm for each measure is very similar in beat. For example, a melody might have 3 or 4 beats.

As there are 5 beats per measure, there are two “tiers” of beats when it comes to rhythmical keyboard. For each beat, all possible versions of the measure will be played in a different order to make it a rhythmical keyboard.
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The first tier is called a “soft” beat and will also only be played in a certain way when played at this specific pitch. It is called as soft because it has no sharp or sharpened sound, while the second tier is called as soft because this song is not a real rhythmical keyboard song.

What is a “medium” beat?

A medium beat in rhythmical keyboard refers to 5 beats of regular rhythm, which are played in a continuous and easy to follow rhythm. It can be played in a very slow or fast way according to the measure or the song mood if there is enough space, like on an upbeat hip-

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