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Spruce trees used for construction in Canada include high-density stucco and concrete. They also may be used for building or as decorative elements. This type of construction is often used in Canada as a substitute for concrete. It is available in many different grades (from concrete to gypsum) and thicknesses (from ΒΌ to 1/8″) and is used primarily as the main component in concrete. Most of this type of construction is based on a natural product like fir or pine, but it can be obtained from any type of natural material. This material is called spruce, or spruce logs. Spruce products are used primarily as construction and is generally considered to be of excellent quality. Spruce also occurs naturally in the western Canadian and US states. If it occurs naturally, you don’t need to buy a piece from a lumber yard, as a piece that is spruce can be found in local garden centers and hardware stores. It is sold in a variety of forms (such as 3-ply plywood, 1-ply plywood, 2-ply plywood, 1/2-ply plywood, etc), which are very popular as they provide a variety of textures such as grain and texture. This material is generally sold at two grades, either the standard “F” (fine) or “U” (U.S. grading) which are about the same (1). Spruce contains very little moisture (about 9% to 14%), which allows it to take on any color. So, it can look beautiful in a variety of shapes (especially in wood-frame houses and wood fences) where its use is most appreciated. The type of lumber used to build these homes has a variety of applications. Spruce products include: A high-density stucco (fiberglass, polycarbonate) or high-density concrete (glass/caulk, cement, fiberglass, or masonry). Also referred to as ‘fiber-reinforced’, ‘stucco’ or ‘wood.’ Some use ‘sphinx’ or ‘spiral’ construction which is an alternative that is more flexible than traditional saguaro. In a building this type of construction allows for a combination of the structural needs of a house with the desired architectural design that is being built. The material’s high density allows it to be utilized in construction of large walls and building interiors. This construction is generally used for buildings with a wide variety of shapes (eg, walls/basements) and sizes (

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