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Does it mean what you think it means?
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My friend Noah is like, ‘hey, let me go throw out this pitch,’ and he throws it in the back yard. We play golf together and one day he throws out a couple different pitches but when he does, one of them is really good. I like what he throws. I love that he’s kind of pushing the envelope and trying to reinvent what it sounds like. I think that’s what baseball has kind of lost a little bit—that’s what’s missing. There’s a new crop of kids who have seen the new generation of baseball players and they take it all as if they know what it means, as if they have a clue about what this stuff means. There’s going to be an inevitable decline of baseball in the future. People are going to want it to be what it should be, but it’s not. The ball can’t go over the fence. The bases can’t be cleared in the outfield. People are going to want to go out and be players instead of ballplayers, and the people who are being baseball kids are going to stop playing the sport that they love. The baseball players are going to be gone eventually too, and it kind of sucks, that’s why they say the baseball game has died a slow and painful death.”

In what ways does it suck?

“[It sucks because] baseball has always been a guy’s game where you have a lot of guys who are good enough, you can’t count on guys like that. With a ball game it’s the same thing. They have to prove themselves—you can’t count on someone like that as a catcher to be able to come right into your game. The next guy that comes in is a lot more likely to be bad. So you have to be able to rely on your backup catcher. It’s like you put a good pitcher down the stretch in that game every time. It is a pitcher’s game; it’s not like a guy’s game. You can’t count on a guy like that. I think Noah is doing a really great job of bringing that back, keeping it exciting for players and keeping it entertaining for fans.”

What were some of your favorite recent moments with him?

“On Wednesday night, we played our ninth game that they hadn’t lost and they were playing against the Marlins. I got a picture with Matt Kemp. I got to take a picture with Hunter Pence right in the batter’s box, and we had

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