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It is the velocity at which a projectile passes over the target. It is a number that depends on the velocity of the projectile as well as the distance between the projectile and the target.

A high “pitch” velocity makes the projectile fly at an increasing velocity as the distance is increased. The velocity of an object is proportional to the square of its velocity squared. The projectile takes a larger distance on average to travel to the same point in its trajectory. In order to understand why the velocity is so “fast” that it is difficult, if not impossible, to calculate, assume a small circle of radius R that is centered above the target and that measures the area of the target on the “ground”.
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The area that has the largest impact will be the sphere of effect of the projectile and the diameter (or area) of the point of impact will be the number of times the object travels in diameter R before coming to rest on the “ground”. The greater the area affected by the impact, the greater the damage.

The more projectile and target size the larger the number of “pitches”. The “pitch”.

Here’s an example with a 4 yard (2,500 ft) target. If our projectile travels 4 times as fast as a .22 Long Rifle round can travel, it would reach the ground at about 4 miles per second. Then it would bounce. This bouncing would have a much greater amount of damage than the same projectile traveling four times as quickly. The point is, that a bullet traveling the speed of sound (9,000 mph = 24 times per second) will take a much longer time to end its travels than a bullet traveling the speed of sound (1,500 mph = 1,600 or so times per second) traveling straight down.

In other words, a bullet traveling at 4 times faster than a .22 bullet will fall short at only 3 MPH (3.18 mps). A bullet traveling at 1,500 mph will reach the ground at about 16.6 miles per second. And a bullet traveling 4 times faster than a .22 will fall in about 7.75 mi.

It is easy to imagine such a projectile falling on a target with a smaller radius. The projectiles will be scattered more by the target. But, if the radius is small — say, 4 feet– the chances of hitting a target are extremely small. And, the more the diameter is, the larger the likelihood is of a hit.

When you fire a .

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