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This particular product is a combination of mahogany, ash, black walnut and white cedar woods, all in a combination that is very close to the grain of the wood. It will develop a nice and dark patina, especially when you use a high quality stain and finish on your furniture! Mahogany is extremely strong and durable when wet. However, when stored in a damp spot or in cold temperatures, it will turn a deep and beautiful shade of dark blue. If you want your mahogany to develop a different patina at the same time, you can use a fine sandpaper of fine grit sandpaper, wet it in a little bit of water and then dry it with your fingers. The patinas will separate from the wood, but if you wait about 1 week to dry it, the two layers of paint will bond and then you must sand and sand it again. But you can repeat this over and over. When you are finished, you will see a very deep color.

How to get the best price on this mahogany

This mahogany will be sold by an individual seller, who will post the price for the full set on the mahogany shop. If you want the entire set, you will have to pay the entire price. For example on these listing, we have an individual seller with a great price: $1,400 CAD; that is also the best price we have seen in our entire shop this year! And also, the price for these full set is more than double if you buy a piece of 1/2 set, it may be a deal for you! (The pricing for the 1/2 set below is only for an individual listing on mahogany shop. Buy the entire set and get it at less than the average cost for these items: $3200 CAD for the 1/2 set, $4000 CAD for the entire set!)

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