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Drop pitch is a technique that lets the guitar player focus more, and more accurately, on the guitar sound, rather than the distortion and the decay of its accompanying guitar parts.

As you become more skilled with your technique, it’ll become a natural feature of your performances and a way of life you can’t imagine.

And don’t worry if drop pitch sounds too sharp. Try just dropping the pitch slightly, or even making a slight sharpening of the low strings.

Drop pitch is also a tool for recording musicians. A quick turn and change of the drop pitch of a tone or chord is all that it takes to make the sound just so.

When playing a blues, for example, to have it really sound like the solo you’re practicing is pretty easy. Just get down on all fours, bend your arms back, and change the drop rate as you make the sound yourself in your recording software.

Drop pitch can also be used to play the guitar parts of your own songs.

As you learn it better, you’ll feel more comfortable with the techniques involved, and you’ll begin to be able to play guitar parts while dropping the drop rate.

If you try and pull too hard at your drop pitch, you’ll probably get a harsh “click” and/or a sound that really doesn’t suit the song. If you find yourself playing a high drop rate guitar part with an uneven or harsh high end, it’s almost a surefire way to get your guitar into serious trouble, not to mention possibly destroying your vocal chords.

Why Drop Pitch is so Important

To be clear, drop pitch is one tool in your arsenal.

Of course, every guitar player should feel free to drop the pitch if he/she wishes. After all, every skill brings with it its own rewards and limitations.

But in the context of a rock band, with every guitarist you play, you’re also carrying a song. It’s only fitting that you be able to bring it to life the best way you can with your skills, your tools, and by learning to use them together.

And when all else fails…

Drop Pitch is a Tool

With a little practice — and perhaps some trial and error — you’re bound to gain a lot of skills with drop pitch.

So if you find yourself struggling, just take a few minutes to step back and look at drop pitch and how it makes your guitar sound.

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