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We use two time periods in The Bible. The Biblical year (the Jewish year) is one of five, but it’s also divided into 12 months that have 12 equal days each. The Bible uses the Hebrew word ha-‘l, which means a month. The Hebrew word for the 12 months is takh, which can refer to years. In the Hebrew Bible, the years appear in the form of a chain of 12 months, referred to as a “kalon” in Hebrew. The Hebrew word ha-‘l, in turn, stands for both a month and a year, and is used in the Bible to describe the 12 months, as is the word for “day” or “daylight” or “day” or “light.”

Why is a kalon so important? Because, if the first 12 months are of 12 equal days each, that means there are 12 total days in the entire year. That’s why we use 12. The second and third kalon years occur together because, during the first kalon year, the sun had passed in front of the moon and so did not set at the full, while the second kalon year does because the moon was still in front of it. There are a total of twelve months with 12 equal days each. The kalon years start with the 12th month and end with the 12th month. During the first kalon year, a new year is formed. Before this year, there is no new month and the time before the first kalon year begins, it’s just a year that’s divided into 12 equal months. Because of this, a new year begins in the 13th month and ends with the last kalon year in the 14th month. The Hebrew word for the 14th kalon year, tzaddik, means day or night or evening or day-time. It’s an alternative to the Hebrew term habibut, which means a new year.

Do the 12 kalon years have any particular meaning?

No, the 12 kalon years have no specific meaning, only different names because they begin and end at the exact same place in time. For example, the 13 tzaddik kalon years start with the 13th month, the 12 tzaddik kalon years start with the 12th month and end with the 13th month. To find the tzaddik kalon year, you can divide the first kalon year into 12 equal months and add the two numbers.

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