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A semi tone is simply a tone which runs from a 0 to a 100, but has a smaller pitch (about 5 notes).

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I am using a semi tone of 50 to write the phrase “I am a great man”. What is a tone? The name and term “tonic” was coined by composer Richard Strauss and has been used for centuries by singers and musicians. The phrase tonic is commonly used in popular music to represent a song on a scale of Bb to octave.

A quarter tone of a piano keyboard is equal to the quarter-tone down tone. Quarter tone pianos tend to be quite expensive compared to standard keysets. You might therefore be tempted to try a cheaper piece such as this one.

This is because the pitch of a music note is not the pitch of the entire tone but the pitch of its lowest note (the half-tone). When you play this piece, you get the quarter-tone pitch but not the whole sound of the note, but only the half tone.

We want the whole sound of the note, not just the half tone, so we try to get a high value of our second string so we can add the two halves together. This means that we must lower our second string pitch to get the whole pitch.

This will result in the whole sound of “I am a great man”.

We are not quite there yet.

The second and third notes of the quarter tone piano are also not quite the same (we say they are ‘tetrachords’).

We have to adjust the tone (and therefore the note).

In order to find a higher pitch for the second and third strings, we use the ratio function:

\relative c`\rfloor = 0.5 \cos \frac{p_3 – p_2 c^2 + p_3 c^2}{2 \pi c^8 + p_5 c^4 + \cos p_5 c*p_3 c}

The result is 0.862, which is a slightly nicer result than our first attempt.

Finally, the fifth (fifth tone) string we must get a slightly higher pitch to avoid dissonance with the third string and hence not have the bass be a big problem. So the pitch should be:

\relative c`\rfloor = 0.867 \cos \frac{p_4 – p_3 c^2 + p

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