What is a semi tone in music? – How To Learn Singing Bollywood Songs

It is music composed by an instrumentist for use in a group. Here is a link to the semitone page that shows the chords that make up each of the standard semi tone songs.

You’ll also want to read the post about the music making process to learn how to make up tunes and a lot more!

Are You a Semi Singer?

If so, it’s time to get started!

First, you’ll need:

An ear for the note frequencies of all major or minor semitones (7, 9, 12, 13, 14, or 16), and a basic understanding of how each major scale works

A way to record yourself playing the semi tunes (in notes) on the guitar

Download the PDF version of the notes to the A7 Semi Tune

You don’t necessarily have to play your semi tunes when you sing them. If you’re going for a semi tone, feel free to experiment with the changes and pick it up at any point along the way. If you prefer to sing them first before learning the changes, you can do that too.

There are a lot of lessons available with some good video lessons to listen to before we go onto the Semi Tone page and learn all about the A7 Semi Tone scale. You can pick up those lessons by using this link from my site. I am also working on a page of my own that will eventually include how-to’s for making your own sheet music for playing semi tunes!

I hope this helps you!

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