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What does it all mean? I’m going to walk you through why and how this all works. A great source of misinformation surrounds the term “semi.” It is a misnomer, for several reasons. The first being the fact that it does not mean what you think it means.

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First off, you need to understand what it means by “semi” and “tone.” If you watch a recording of a singing artist, you will note that the notes are not even close to even remotely like harmonics. That is to say, there are no semitones. Now, on the internet, you can find a video to teach you how to interpret a musical tone, but it is very difficult to see that there are no semitones, because that is just one or two semitones! That is why even the best interpreters cannot pick apart or accurately interpret the music. It is not that all there is to music is a harmonic pattern, but there is more. A perfect song can have a perfect harmonic pattern, but without the musical tone we can’t really say anything about the way it works or any relationship to the original harmonic pattern. That’s another reason “semi” doesn’t actually have meaning at all: it has no exact meaning at all. The only definition that is known is that there are harmonic parts and tones at a particular pitch (or notes) and that you can compare a harmonic tone to a semitone, or a “half” note, or a flat note, or any other “octave” of a note. So you can be a fan of the band OneRepublic, or love it, and then be told: “The sound of the music sounds different because it goes up a quarter-note or down a semi-tone.” Well, that’s exactly what they said! (That’s why he told the band to just try it out.) The thing is, people think, because they are looking at the “tone” of a musical note, that it is going down or up! And the answer is that that is the correct way to think about it. (Of course, as I said before, this is not really accurate. There is a harmonic aspect to a musical note, but it can’t be the only part or the only pitch that is a musical note! The actual relationship between the notes can be so complicated, many people don’t know there are tones at all, and they don’t know what they mean, either.)

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