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The higher the note, the less the air-pressure difference is allowed to escape to the sides of the chamber. The result: the singer’s body gets hotter and the volume of sound decreases. The faster you can sing, the less of a volume loss you’ll have to tolerate.

This is known in physics as a “critical point”, and I’ve written about it here. The concept is important because one of the basic principles of music is its acoustical characteristics — what one musician might deem a high volume can be perceived by another as a quiet sound.

The critical point can be anything from a tiny amplitude increase to extremely loud. At this critical point, the air pressure around the sound source will actually rise, or the pressure will expand.

This is why most recordings are at least 2db higher than loudness, whether the music is loud in the studio or in the studio alone.

Now here’s where it gets tricky, because there’s a lot of overlap, particularly between the loud and quiet ranges. The loud range, the loudest notes, is very sensitive to what is considered “correct” volume. For instance, if you set the volume to 100% and record a song at 120 dBA, the loudest notes will be 100 dBA louder, not 120 dBA louder.

When we think about the loudness of a track, we tend to think of the loudest, most intense notes as the best sounding. This makes sense. We hear things loud and loud, but that’s not their entire sound, just the point of articulating them. The most intense songs also have the lowest levels of sound pressure they allow in between loud notes — meaning that a high volume vocal would not make a high level sound when played loud — like playing a high pitched trumpet at low volume when playing a violin.

This all helps to clarify the concept of critical points: the higher we think of the loudest, loudest notes, the louder the track sound.

To really understand music, we must think about air flow above different volumes. For instance, a guitar player must be able to create a large amount of air into the speaker cone with their hands, to make the most sense in the same volume as a live orchestra.

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The sound produced by these two instruments will not be a single mix at a particular volume level, it will be a mix of each instrument. When playing loud, the voice will have the highest volume. When playing quiet, the violin will

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