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It is a liquid that contains a combination of various chemicals, including chlorine, ammonia and chlorine dioxide and is made by a process called alkalinization. The chemicals include ammonia and chlorine dioxide in a mixture of water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium sulphate and nitrite. A process called hydrothermal alteration or “washing of the salt” of crude oil is then used to liberate the oil.

What are alkaline solutions?

They are commonly used in tap water, though they usually contain additives such as sodium bicarbonate. They are meant to add a pleasant alkalinity, but the water can have an alkaline character also, in order to balance the alkalinity that has been lost from water. A popular example is a distilled water called “Hershey’s Special K®”.

If the water contains sodium bicarbonate, then what is the difference between a alkaline and an acid solution?
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Both alkaline and acid solutions are called alkaline because they contain a chemical that neutralizes and/or dissolves salt in the water.

How do alkaline solutions prevent corrosion?

Most acids and alkalis neutralize the salt molecules in water, reducing them to the neutral form known as sodium carbonate by neutralizing their activity. The reaction results in a loss of the sodium carbonate ions (sodium ions), but the water becomes neutral to the original taste and texture. It is often used in cleaning techniques. An alkaline solution is not a perfect solution, however. There is added chlorine to the water and other additives such as potassium and sodium bicarbonate to add a pleasant sodium taste.

Is pure alkaline water good for drinking?


Is alkaline water safe for brushing teeth?


Is alkaline water safe for swimming or washing hands?


Is alkaline water safe for cooking?


Is alkaline water safe for heating?

Yes, if used in the right way.

Is alkaline water safe for eating?


Are foods that would normally taste salty in water made salty because of its sodium content?

Yes, the saltiness is caused by the sodium being oxidized out of the water.

What is the difference between an acid and an alkaline solution? How do they affect flavor?

An acid has carbon dioxide and water. An alkaline solution contains sodium bicarbonate

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