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Pine is a common wood that can be found all over North America. It gives the best light and will be found in all types of forest. Pine is a soft and soft wood, which makes it difficult to cut and is great for decorative purposes. If the pine is not the type of the tree that you are looking for, we have plenty of other natural and alternative pine trees available to you. Many of these are called “barking oak”. The more unusual barking oak species have not yet been domesticated, so they do not make a great choice, though we do make some from a few native species. We do also make our own varieties such as Douglas fir from Canada and will show you a few photographs of how they are made. We carry wood products made from other natural and exotic trees such as live oaks from Europe, African redwood from Australia, and a variety of other tree species from around the world that will give you a good idea of what can be made from these.

Will pine grow naturally?

Yes, Pine trees do grow naturally. Most pine wood is produced from a single growth trunk, in which is is made by a very long branch of the pine tree with two sets of leaves joined together, with each leaf a smaller stem than any of the others. When first cut into the tree by hand, most trees are very small and fragile. In the past, trees have been cultivated and then harvested to make furniture, carcases, and other products. Many of the trees were harvested on the first planting and the second planting was cut back and no new stems were grown. When the tree is cut down (called “bark cutting”) the original trunk is often left in place in the center of a small clearing where it can be used for future production. The trunk is split into several smaller branches and placed on an elevated platform called “bark stand”, which is usually mounted on a long metal pole with a pole for a handle. This type of log is used to develop the growth and is often called a “pink-wood”. The tree then becomes smaller and more compact until it is nearly the size of a medium sized shed or small room in which it is planted. The tree is then cut into several smaller trunks that are then planted on stands such as the bark stands we sell, which are then covered with new growth, so that the original tree will always be there and visible.

How does my order arrive?

At Pine Barkers we ship

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