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The primary source of tree biomass in Norway is pine, but the Norwegian government believes that other wood products that can generate large amounts of power also exist. As in the U.S., much of this biomass is available from forests. Norway is home to the largest pine plantation in the world, in Eby. This plantation produces 3 billion tons of pine every single year, with another 500 million tons of wood from other forest types. With a little more than 20 percent of Norway’s land area being forest compared to only around 23 percent in the U.S., it’s an obvious choice for the power plant. The remaining 20 percent of land area is mainly farmland that has been logged to make a suitable building site.

The Norwegian government is in the process of building Eby, and it’s very likely that in the next 20 years or so Norway will produce enough biomass to power a whole town!

What is it like to live off of a pine plantation?

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Pine is very similar to timber, and the production of large amounts of electricity can be very difficult to manage, especially in rural settings due to the small population. There are, however, a number of benefits to living off of a pine forest. For one thing, trees are very low maintenance. You will find them in various forms in nearly every home in Norway, as well as being sold to nurseries and farmers. The lack of invasive species and pesticides makes them very resistant to pests. Trees produce many other useful products, like seeds, fertilizers, and manure. Trees can grow even in low light environments such as in a barn, providing additional energy. Norway is the nation of pine, and the trees’ ability to produce so much power on a small area is testament to Norway’s hard work and dedication to creating jobs for all citizens. There are even many small trees in the community of Eby, some of which will grow into large boles that could be used in the production of large residential and business buildings.

How much do trees cost?

The price of a mature pine tree differs between locations throughout Norway. In Oslo, it’s about $50 an acre, whereas in the rest of Norway that price is $80 to $85 an acre per tree. However, the actual amount paid depends on a number of variables. The trees in the Eby plantation are not available to anyone, so the price will also vary considerably. One tree might come in as cheap as $15 an acre, if it is a mature tree,

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