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A team of Australian scientists believes that women’s cricket pitches are smaller because the pitch is more oval-shaped.

The Australian Women’s Cricket Association said the findings were “deeply disappointing”.

“It’s disappointing that it’s been found that the size of women’s pitches is a result of gender, not the other way round,” it said.

“The Australian Women’s Cricket Association is disappointed with the research into a possible gender angle to the women’s playing experience and looks forward to further research in this field and greater involvement of all stakeholders.”

The findings have been described as “deeply disappointing” by a senior umpire who used to play against women’s cricketers for England between 2006 and 2007.

A senior umpire who played against women’s cricketers for England between 2006 and 2007 said the research showed the pitch was also smaller because the ball was smaller so there was less bounce.

“If they are going to change the pitches [at a higher level] you’d have to change the umpires too,” the umpire said, according to the BBC.

“I would be surprised if they did that [upgrades] in the top-end. The first half was probably OK but the second half was worse.
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“They [Umpires’] work was the reason they were dropped from full-time.”

‘Umpires have to understand the difference between male and female players’

The Australian Research Council (ARC) and its Centre for Sport Science (CS) were studying the physical characteristics of playing surfaces before, during and after women’s Test matches.

The findings were released during the ARC’s annual Conference of Australian Universities in Melbourne, and included a detailed biomechanical modelling of five different playing surfaces and pitch sizes.

It found that the ball speed and bounce rate decreased, the trajectory was less vertical and less angular, and the pitch angle increased.

It said that when the study concluded, the pitch angle was most likely to be a measure of the bounce off the bounce.

A second method is based on the fact that there was more spin on the balls, causing less bounce off the ball.

The second group was based on the data available when there were a wider range of playing surfaces and pitch sizes used.

“The evidence provides an explanation for why the pitch angle had worsened,” the study’s authors said.

“Our results suggest that changes to the surfaces and pitches

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