Is tarmac a liquid? – How To Learn Stitching At Home In Hindi

What about ice? How do we know when an app is ready to drive? We look at some of the differences between surface vs. liquid and see if those differences mean anything to you. Read More .

How do I download the app?

The app is only available for Android and iOS devices. You’ll need an iOS device running iOS 9 or later to access the app. Downloading will require an Internet connection. In the App Store, look for the iOS version of the app; it’s the one labeled “Tarmac App.” You can also get the app from the Google Play Store.

How do I update my device?

After installing the Tarmac app (or a previously installed one), it will automatically check for updates. If you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, go back and try again. You must update it on all your devices to get a consistent experience.

I want to switch phones or tablets.

You need a special Tarmac iPhone case.

Where can I find help?

The Tarmac App forums

The Tarmac Forum is a public, active area where you can start discussions and learn more about your Tarmac experience. Please don’t join in or make any assumptions in the comments below—people are just trying to learn and improve.

The Tarmac YouTube Videos

This is what it’s like at full speed:

I have a Tarmac case that doesn’t fit!

Check the Tarmac FAQ page for helpful advice for getting our Tarmac cases to work for you.

Can I use Tarmac on my phone of any brand? I have multiple phones!

Tarmac works best on your phone that has a 3G or 4G cellular radio as well as GPS support. A 4G or 3G cellular phone that has Android 3.1 or later is best, but even a 3G or 4G Android device is sufficient for most users. Check the Tarmac Support website for a complete table of phone models supported by Tarmac.

How do I get help with Tarmac?

If you can’t figure something out, feel free to ask below or on the Tarmac Facebook page or to the Tarmac Forums.

My iOS device isn’t showing up in the “Recent Apps” view!

If you’re using an iOS device that doesn’t have a 3G or 4G radio, make sure that you’ve set your phone to use a 3

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