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Can I drive up the tarmac? Do the tires have a tread on them that absorbs water?

When the tires are wet at the point where they are put on the tarmac, the tire contact surfaces that the tires make the contact with water absorb water. We call this the tread surface effect. This doesn’t happen where the tire has a flat surface, on the pavement, for example. This is very different than the experience where the tire meets the pavement where the tread surfaces are actually rubber or plastic.

So what we are talking about with the tarmac is a kind of an extra-wetting effect where the tire is soaked at the point where it touches the tarmac, and it has a new type of traction, an enhanced type of traction.

In other words there is a wetness that is added, and we call this the wet layer effect. So if you take your tire on a flat surface and put it on the tarmac, the tread on that car is soaked at the point where you have the contact surface. This is what we call wet pavement.

And as I noted, this is a different experience than wet pavement on a road with a surface that is paved. The wet pavement on the pavement is not soaked. You don’t get any additional grip whatsoever, you don’t get any additional traction that you get on those surfaces, and the experience of riding on the pavement is, for the most part, unpleasant. It’s slippery because it’s wet, and it has no grip to it; it doesn’t provide any extra grip, and it’s really not as good as the way the surfaces that we use at the racetrack are wet.

Q: Okay. Why do you think that it’s important that you have the experience of riding on dry pavement?

A: I mean, there are several reasons. We don’t have a lot of wet conditions in this country. There are plenty of drivable surfaces in every country in the world. So I think that we should always be thinking about how our pavement is designed for that specific type of riding that we do. And to be honest, what we’ve been really focusing on the last couple of years is actually getting the tread layer effect, which is exactly what we did when we designed the track-quality tires, but also, to be truthful, the wet pavement effect.

Because when we’re on wet asphalt, you get a sort of wet layer effect. But when we’re on wet t

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